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Re: A verticle book stacking!! or Re: Extending Streamer Reach Part 2

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> Original poster: "Robert Loeb by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" < 
> loeb-at-kuentos.guam-dot-net> 
> Actually, 
> I just wanted to produce a really cool controlled lighting effect.  The 
> query stands. 
> Death rays, Ghost and things that go "Who left this on the stairwell!" in 
> the night are really not my interest. 
> I like the comebacks.... 
> And, yes I did see the movie. 
> Robert 

Hi Robert! 
You might try some form of magnetic confinement. Electrostatic confinement 
would be problematical as it would require potentials higher than that of the 

Matt D.