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RE: Extending Streamer Reach

Original poster: "Terry Fritz" <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>

Hi Godfrey,

I to "used" to wonder about such things until I noted Robert Krampf's


After many many years, he has NOT noted any "long term" effects.  He has
reported bad headaches, probably from the RF currents in his brain
(yip's!!), but he has not gotten really "weird" yet :-))

Obviously, his brain exposure is a vast number of magnitude orders higher
than the averages coiler's.  But if Robert can survive this, I think those
of use who like to watch Tesla coils from a distance are pretty safe.  

Obviously, Robert REALLY knows what he is doing and his stunt should not be
attempted by those that don't want to end up one the late news as "some
idiot gets killed by standing on 1 millions volts"...  Standing on Tesla
coils is one of the three PROVEN ways to get killed with Tesla coils...


Note the "famous" thread: "Arcs off the fingers and getting killed in the
process..." or "human fireball" in the archives at www.pupman-dot-com

I also note that there are many women doing this wildly hazardous stunt
these days:

Interesting we are mostly men on this list but the "human fireball" stunt
has so many women...

The name "Tesla" has attracted it's fair share of scam artists and odd
folks over the years.  Tesla was rather strange to many people especially
in his later life.  He may have suffered from mercury poisoning
(InMyHumbleOpinion).  Tesla claimed some things like death rays and other
stuff that tend to attract the types of subjects you mention.

Ozone poisoning and looking at the spark gap too long has sent a few
coilers to the emergency room but long term strange behavior seems to be
unrelated to Tesla coils.   Those of us that exhibit odd behavior seem to
have had the problem before we started working with Tesla coils. ;-))  Not
a cause, but just a minor symptom of already being nuts :-))

I am gratified that Richard Hull's prediction that studying secondary
behavior has not driven me any more nuts yet.  Paul Nicholson's work in
this area seems to keep me more sane rather than less :-))

So... if you work with Tesla coil's and your nuts, your were probably going
to be nuts anyway :-))



At 08:32 PM 5/17/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi All
>It seems that too many people working with tesla coils get involved with
>mysticism, occultism, and the paranormal. Might it be possible that high
>frequency currents induced inside the human brain are causing damage in some
>people? But I am not worried about the possibility. 
>Godfrey Loudner