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RE: Small number of turns in primary

Original poster: "SIMMS, F R. (JSC-EV4) (LM) by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <f.r.simms1-at-jsc.nasa.gov>

<<Who is Finkelstein? Is there a paper by Finkelstein we can study? 

Finkelstein is the 10th reference in Jay's paper:

D. Finkelstein, P. Goldberg and J. Shuchatowitz, Rev. Sci. INstrum. 37,

<That coupling coefficient of 0.6 is really high! I don't think that all the
energy was put into the secondary as that would require k = 1. Please give
us more details of Jay's construction. 

<I would like to attempt this on a smaller scale. That static gap sounds
efficient, but I could not duplicate it on my own. Also litz wire is really 
expensive. I would hope one could get along without that special gap and the

litz wire. It seems that the idea of such a coil would be in some special 
geometry of the primary and secondary. Please send details.

Jay just likes to overdo things to make them "Right". There should not be a 
problem in using normal wire. Jay is upgrading his gap now to a SSGS.

Before I can give more information I need to talk to Jay. I have some
I need to ask him to learn exactly what he did do. Will update soon.