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Re: New Lab, Family Coil, 1st Light

Original poster: "Edward Wingate by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <ewing7-at-rochester.rr-dot-com>

Tesla list wrote:



There are others.

I have been running my magnifier system with the "equidrive"
configuration for several years with the same two capacitors. The caps
are rated .1 mfd -at- 45KV pulse for a total capacitance of .05 mfd -at- 90KV.
Total runtime for the capacitors according to the hour meter on this
system is 18 hours! The system output is more linear from minimum to
maximum (4 inch purple streamers to 14 foot white hot  arcs) using the
equidrive configuration. 

>  Gary,
>  I agree.  Richard Quick Is the only coiler that I know of that built an
>  equidrive coil system.  I believe he used two .10 ufd caps.  His system
>  worked very well, I have video of it running.  Twelve to fourteen foot arcs
>  if I remember correctly.  He liked the set up.  I have not seen evidence of
>  increased performance with this system over the single cap design.  The
>  equidrive caps only need half the voltage rating but need to be twice the
>  capacitance.  You also must remember to discharge the caps after every run
>  as
>  the transformer secondary windings will not provide that function as it does
>  with a single cap.
>  Ed Sonderman