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Re: greg leyh

Original poster: "Alan Yang by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <megavolt121-at-mediaone-dot-net>

I'm not 100% sure if this is accurate, but i believe that greg leyh is
perfectly fine sitting inside of his coil due to the faraday effect since
he's inside his terminal. Even if he was on top of his coil, it would be
fine. check out www.teslacoil-dot-com . kVA does this stunt DO NOT TRY THIS AT
HOME. I've seen it done before, its really cool but really dangerous.


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> Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>"
> how did greg leyh sit inside his TC electrode (the terminal) and take
> waveform measurements without exploding or getting electrocuted?