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Does wind affect streamer length?

Original poster: "Bill Vanyo by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <vanyo-at-echoes-dot-net>

As I posted recently ("First Light!!! Now, how to tune it?"), I got my
first coil running (three 15/60 NST's as power).  I ran it again after
dark (I can only run it outdoors), with a bigger toroid (actually, I
just sat my partially constructed bigger 8" dryer duct toroid on top of
the original), adjusted the tap point for the bigger toroid, and got
some nice very bright purple sparks about 2 feet long.  There was quite
a breeze, and I'm wondering how much that would decrease spark length? 
I'm expecting to get 6 or 7 foot streamers, and I'm trying to determine
if I still need to do a lot in the way of tuning, or if I just need to
wait for a night when there's no breeze.

Also, I know I made another mistake, and I'm wondering how much it might
have decreased spark length (I suspect I risked a catastrophic
failure).  I'll post that seperately under "Metal hose clamp around base
of secondary".

	Bill Vanyo