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Re: The Sigma-6 Coil(s), lol

Original poster: "Christopher Boden by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <chrisboden-at-hotmail-dot-com>

> > Got a URL on that one? I'm not familier with it.
>  http://www.execpc-dot-com/~ccurran/coil5.html
>Look at the bottom photo to get an idea. Your coil will be bigger, but
>gives an idea of a 28kW coil.

Already talked to Chuck (cool guy), I'm thinking of building a system 
modeled after his, but a twin system. Two towers of 3 barrels each for a 
roughly 23x100" dual system powered by our 10kVA Pig.

I started on the control panel today :) (Mark, it's the sloped cabinet, I 
examined it and I'm leaving the big varic in it and rebuilding everything 
else. btw, IT NEEDS WHEELS! It took Adrian, Alia, and myslef to flip it 
right side up after moving it to the main building!)

We have a LARGE cabinet perfect for the control cab. It's already got a 280V 
30A GE Variac in it operated by a small knob (about 2") on the front panel, 
geared through a linkage system, REALLY COOL. I also have a duplicate variac 
(without linkage, motor controlled) to mount in there as well. It shouldn't 
be to terrible a project to remove the motor and paralell the variac off the 
same drivetrain to mechanicly stack them.

The knob is even labelled KVP :) (KiloVolt Pulse) it is an old X-ray control 
cabinet. Full of other goodies, a 2kVA 240-120 stepdown (for lighting and 
controls), lots of good wire and terminal strips, and a few other goodies. 
Though it's topheavy as Dolly Parton because some engineering genious 
mounted all the transformers and the variac to the top half of the cab. I'll 
put the inductor in the bottom and add casters and it should be much better.

> > Well, depending on it's total size, that's a great idea. It also solves
> > several problems of making the secondary in the first place, and allows 
> > greater experimentation. Different modules of varying gauges, and 
> > can be made for versitility in experimentation.
>Yes, exactly.
> > Great, but if I'm going to make it in modular sections, they would be at
> > least 3' in diameter, most likely of wood or UHMW. Maybe even Lexan.
> > hmmm thoughts?
>List the choices and pick the one that suits the coil. I personally would
>keep weight down as much as is
>practical. Keep in mind the forms can be made of different thickness
>(strength) keeping the top sections as
>well as overall weight minimum and preventing top heavy conditions (but
>don't forget about the top terminal
>weight and supporting mechanisms. ie., if the secondary is to be used to
>support it, you'll need to look at
>the structural integrity in greater detail). The reason I say "if" is
>keeping in mind you may be able to
>support the top terminal from the ceiling if this is to be run in the
>facility. Keeping the top terminal
>"super light" simplifies the whole system. Once coil size is actually
>determined, the top terminal would be
>the place to start. But those who have built these super huge coils can
>give much better advice than I can.
> > 4 pins, each about 2" long should work well. In making the modules short 
> > fat (3' X 3' or so) they become more stable.
>Yes, that was also my first thought, but there may be other methods more
>stable (but probably not as simple).
> > Each connection can be just inside the diameter of the coilform, but 
> > the endplates of adjacent modules, recessed. It could be rather simple I
> > would think, maybe just a bullet connector.
>Yes, part of the beauty is that end plates on each section are simple. The
>connector should only be slightly
>larger than the secondary wire size. So in essense, it doesn't need to be
>all that big and can be contained
>to a relatively small area of each endplate simplifying the connection
>method and possibilities.
>Take care,

this particular coil will be small enough that the secondary can be cradled 
to move it. But I'm also starting another coil in the next weeks that will 
be of modular construction. 3' dia secondary coilform with a 3' height per 
modules. This will be a single coil with a design height of 4 to 5 modules.

These things need names, lol I'll have to work on that.


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