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RE: Secondary

Original poster: "SIMMS, F R. (JSC-EV4) (LM) by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <f.r.simms1-at-jsc.nasa.gov>

> If you look at Tesla's coils he used very few turns of heavy gauge
> wire. The reasons he use so few turns is that the voltage goes up by
> the Q and not the turns!!!!  The lower the resistance the higher the Q
> and hence the higher the Voltage.  I found this out trough my friend
> Jay Reed who found the highest tuning for a Tesla coil with
> mathmatics. The math was varified in the lab. His coil had the exact
> voltage and waveform his math predicted.
> Bob

I presume he was testing using a CW source? Unfortunately, that 
approach has limited applicability to cap discharge systems which 
impart fixed energy shots to the secondary and also include a primary 
spark gap which loses a lot of power if the primary inductance is low.


Jay was using a static gap. He used it to build an electron beam gun that
could shoot electrons into the air.