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New Lab, Family Coil, 1st Light

Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <Mddeming-at-aol-dot-com>

Hi All! 
It finally happened- First light on new coil with help from grandsons (ages 
8.8, &12) in new lab (1918 vintage brick garage). Since I've said a lot 
recently about lack of adequate data from some corners to allow peer review, 
here's the full specs: 
( Pix to follow whenever I get a decent camera and a web site.) 
Power supply 20A 0-120 Variac, 15A RFI filter, 15 A fused. Input I and E 
PFC 92.4 uf -at- 660VAC (6 nominal 15's in parallel). Transformer 15/60 
unmodified Transco in original case. "Terry-style" NST protection filter w/ 
#10 welder's face plate over the safety gap to reduce UV blindness. Gaps set 
-at- 0.35" each. Main gap aspirated 1/2" copper and PVC pipe fittings across 
outlet of filter, set -at- 0.4" connected to Sears 10A Shop Vac. via 2" x 8' 
Hose and assorted fittings. Tank Cap 18.2 nF ,35 kV rolled poly Cap with real 
transformer oil. Primary 0.25" Cu tubing on 0.75" c-c 12T tapped -at- 7T. Base 
0.25" acrylic over particle board and PVC pipe. Primary support 28"  x 0.25" 
Lexan doughnut 5" ID. Secondary 820T AWG#23 magnet wire. 
Dual toroid Terminated Coil. Ground via #8 grounding cable to 3/8" x 4' Cu 
rod driven 3' 8" into garage floor. 
Ceiling Distance = 96.0 
Wall Distance = 48.0 
Primary Height (Inner Turn) = 21.5 
Primary Inner Diameter = 6.375 
Primary Outer Diameter = 24.375 
Primary Height (Outer Turn) = 21.5 
Strike Rail Height = 25.0 
Strike Rail Diameter = 30.0 
Secondary Base Height = 25.0 
Secondary Diameter = 4.28 
Secondary Length = 21.16 
Secondary Inductance (mH) = 13.76 
Terminal-1 Height (center) = 51.8 
Terminal-1 Cord Diameter = 3.25 (4 Galv. vent elbows) 
Terminal-1 C-C Diameter (toroid only)= 8.0 
Terminal-2 Height (center) = 55.4 
Terminal-2 Cord Diameter = 4.25 (Al flex without tape over.) 
Terminal-2 C-C Diameter (toroid only)= 13.75 
Top Voltage = 360000 
Pass     Ccalc (pF)          Change            Fcalc (Hz) 
 28000   C=24.66628       Err%=0.000056       F=273186.38 
Performance: with no breakout point. 
Measured frequency 258.3 KHz (MotorolaService Monitor) 
Max. measured horizontal air streamer 31". Discharge to overhead grounded 3" 
copper ball = 28" white arc. No primary strikes. 
Not too bad for an old guy and 3 kids. 
Next Steps: 
1. Add storage area & instrument racks to Lab. 
2. On the fly adjustable height Primary 
3. 1/7 HP phase adjustable SRSG, 
4. 30A Variac 
5. Assemble 15/300mA NST farm, add Maxwells to Tank. 
6. 8" coil. 
7. 40A and 15 A power lines to Lab. 
8. KVA Generator 
9. PIG 
10. File Bankruptcy etc.etc.  ;-)) 
Query: If running 2 matched Maxwells in series, is there any 
advantage/disadvantage to putting one on each leg with primary between them? 

Cheers from the Deming Family Tesla Society: 
(Matt D. Ricky D. Matt D. II Elton D.)