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RE: getting started

Original poster: "Loudner, Godfrey by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <gloudner-at-SINTE.EDU>

Hi Dave

First study an algebra and trigonometry based book on the principles of
electricity and magnetism. This level of knowledge will allow you to
understand and judge advice. Then search the web where you will find a huge
amount of information. Matt Behrend's site
www.home.earthlink-dot-net/~electronxlc is excellent for the beginner. There are
more advanced sites that will refine your knowledge. Most sites provide
links to other sites. Always read the safety sections. High voltage is
dangerous, and your first mistake could be your last. Know what is
dangerous, and develop a safety procedure that is best for YOU. Build your
first tesla coil around a neon sign transformer, and experiment extensively.
Then you can move on to more powerful coils if power becomes your thing. My
last bit of advice is to ignore ALL advice based upon the useless quarter-
wave length theory. 

Godfrey Loudner
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> can any one send me some info on where to get started you can send it to
> my
> email address so the list isnt cloged
> <mailto:cherokeedave-at-optusnet-dot-com.au>cherokeedave-at-optusnet-dot-com.au   any
> help
> would be much appreciated 
> Thank You  Dave