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RE: Revived NST

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Hi Mark

 Don't anymore, but I use to fix bad NST I came across. After the top of the
NST was off, I would place it on a wire screen that was supported above the
bottom of a large pail. Then the pail would be filled with diesel fuel up to
the level of the screen. I would rig up a recycling system that would
continuously pore the diesel fuel over the tar. The system would only be
operated when I was present for reason of safety. It would take three
evening to clear out the tar. The process could be helped along by picking
out chunks of tar that became loose. In this way I could avoid damage to the
transformer. The problems with the HV windings were usually in the top few
layers. After winding off a few layers, the problems would be history. Sound
simple, but the wire is very thin and it often breaks, especially at the
edges of the coil. If this happens, I used a needle, magnifying glass, and
an ohm meter to find the lost wire end. Sometimes the wire would not wind
off because of epoxy. Heating with a heat gun will soften the epoxy so that
the wire can be pulled loose. The process requires extreme patience. 

Godfrey Loudner

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> Well I decided to try my unpotted jefferson electric 15/60, even though I 
> didn't fully clean it with solvent like I'm doing with my 15/30. It 
> works(sorta). One side works fine, but the other has a problem. The side 
> thats messed up has 2 spots on the outer winding that sorta have a semi 
> bright yellow glow(only when there is an arc from the output to core).
> Smoke 
> comes from those spots. Those spots are also areas where I damaged the 
> windings some(not too badly, there are a few broken wire ends). Is there
> any 
> way to remedy this? Perhaps do the solvent soak and then try and get rid
> of 
> the broken layers? I'd be willing to take off up to 1Kv , then maybe 
> supplement it with more current. 
> Mark