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Re: First Light!!! Now, how to tune it?

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<< Static Spark Gap:  My own invention >>


Congratulations on your new coil. You have me very interested in your 
adjustable spark gap. Would you please tell us more about it. The only 
arrangement I can see is for the 
copper pipes to be mounted in a staggered -- parallel pattern with the 
sliding rail perpendicular to the fixed rail.Sorta like a T with the pipes 
mounted on the top of the T and the whole thingy able to move towards or away 
from the fixed pipes. Otherwise, with the two rails parallel to eachother, as 
one edge of a pipe moves closer to the adjacent fixed pipe the other edge has 
to move farther from the pipe on the other edge.
Also, what are the rails mounted on and are the pipes vertical or horizontal?

I'm probably waaay, waaay off. Sounds like you have a very original design, I 
hope you will tell us more about it.

Happy day,
Ralph Zekelman