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Re: Calculating unequal cap strings.

Original poster: "Terry Fritz" <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>

Hi Jonathon Reinhart,

The other one on the list spells it "Jonathan" with another "a" in it ;-)) 

I get an LTR value of 17 - 19nF.  The RMS current is 5.5 amps so two
strings would be best.  I am not sure how much current the CD caps can
handle so I'll play it safe and assume two strings.

2 x 11 would give 18.18nF which is perfect at about $40.  The current and
voltage will be well above what is needed and the value is right on.

I am not sure if anyone knows the RMS current rating of these caps?  Maybe
it is in the CD specs.  If not, I will try to get hold of one and test it.
If anyone has a spare, I would be happy to pay for it and shipping.  I just
need one to run current through to measure the temperature rise.



At 04:23 PM 5/12/2001 -0400, you wrote: 
>Ok, this is going to make this confusing, cause I'm the "other" Jonathon, 
>but... :-) 
>I am still trying to decide on an MMC, 
>I've got a 12/60, and the peak voltage is about 17,000 V so I'll need 9 of 
>the CD caps. 
>now, LTR is about .025uf. Nine of the .15 caps would be .0167uf which is too 
>low.  Going for the best capacitance for lowest cost, how would 2 * 9 of the 
>.1 uf sound for .022uf at $32.40? 
>Then I had another idea. could you have one string of the .1's and another 
>string of the .15's? It would be .0278uf at $36.45..... can you mix the 
>Confused as always, 
>Jonathon Reinhart