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Re: Brass that isn't brass

Original poster: "Jeff Kamla by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <jeffk-at-sinclair-dot-net>

Hi  All

 I ordered some brass balls today from here,  and the fella I
 talked to was real nice, never said anything about a minimum
order. they are very helpful and have things that is not on the
web site (at least I didn't see um)  like adapters.  for if you
want to mount your 1" brass balls with a 1/4-20 thread stud
or rod instead of the 1/8" pipe hole they come with, then you
will like to get the  1/8" pipe to 1/4-20 adapters,  $.25 ea.

They also have some really nice hollow brass spheres and
"almost toroids" squished spheres.

 Happy Coiling  !


> > Original poster: "Ed Phillips

> > >
> > > has 1" solid brass balls, drilled and tapped, at $1.85,

> >         Those balls look neat.  Have you ordered any and it so, what is
> > minimum order?  Too lazy to phone them, and besides would like to hear
> > someone else's experience first.
> >
> > Ed