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Re: Odd/errratic TC behavior. Why?

Original poster: "BunnyKiller by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <bigfoo39-at-telocity-dot-com>

Tesla list wrote:

> Original poster: "Lau, Gary by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>"
> Hi Jonathan:
> A .025uF cap may not be too large for a 15/60 NST.  My 15/60 uses a
> .02uF cap and does just fine with my static gap, and Terry's 15/60
> system uses a .027uF cap with a sync RSG.  I would be more concerned
> with the small number of primary turns you have, as this will increase
> gap losses.  Also, such a small primary will have a very low coupling
> factor, and that will also translate into poor output.
> I'm not sure what you mean by "yellow sparks off the top of the tank
> cap".  Your tank cap shouldn't have any sparks on it.
> What's an "RRI" cap?  Are you sure that your cap is OK?  Your power
> supplies seem more than ample to jump the gap.
> Also didn't understand how the larger NST needs a smaller safety gap
> setting.  True, the lower 12kV should have a somewhat smaller safety gap
> setting, but it shouldn't be firing at all.
> Good luck,
> Gary Lau
> >Original poster: "jpeakall by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>"
> ><jpeakall-at-mcn-dot-org>
> >Howdy All,
> >I made a vacuum gap like I saw on Gary Lau and Greg's (hotstreamer)
> site.
> >Wow! Easy to make (less than 3 hr.) and works great. Much better
> output!
> >Only trouble is, I was having so much fun, I blew a tank cap.
> >
> >Enter my problem. I have a .025 (actually tests to .023) RRI cap. In
> spite
> >of the fact it is too big for my 15kv/60ma, I hooked it up, and trying
> all
> >primary tap points and gap settings. I got a little, with it tuned to
> 1-2
> >primary turns, but that was it. I wasn't really surprised, as that
> tranny
> >shouldn't really run it anyway, but it didn't act like a too big tank
> cap
> >has for me in the past (erratic SG behavior). It was firing fine over a
> >range of SG adjustments, just no secondary output. When I tune the
> primary
> >really low, I get some yellow sparks off the top of the tank cap.
> >
> >So I pulled out my 12kv/120ma that I have for my new system I am
> building. >I
> >was a little concerned, as my coil is small, and I thought I'd have to
> run
> >at low power, as the .025 is close to a res cap for this tranny.
> Anyway, to
> >make a long story short, same deal. I tried gaps from .25 to .05. Nada.
> >What
> >gives? It fires the gap great. One thing I did notice is that
> the12kv/120ma
> >needed a SMALLER setting on the safety gap. Is this sucker just weak?
> It
> >does seem to have more ooomph once it jumps the gap, but won't jump as
> far.
> >In spite of the lesser voltage, I expected it to jump further than the
> >15kv/60.
> >
> >I'm gonna go take a look at info to hook my two NSTs together tonight
> and
> >try it out. I have friends visiting this weekend that wanna see my
> coil!
> >Must..get....coil.....working.
> >
> >Thanks All,
> >
> >Jonathan Peakall

Hi Gary ...

I think RRI  is Resonant Research Inc.

Scot D