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Re: Odd/errratic TC behavior. Why?: Gary

Original poster: "jpeakall by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <jpeakall-at-mcn-dot-org>


The weird thing is that the gap seems to fire well, with either tranny.
Judging from the fierce action of the safety gap when I open the main gap
too far, it seems as if the cap is fine. It tests to .023uf. My primary is
12 turns, but I get a little spark off the secondary with it tuned low. I
tried raising and lowering the coil to change the coupling as well.

>A .025uF cap may not be too large for a 15/60 NST.  My 15/60 uses a
>.02uF cap and does just fine with my static gap, and Terry's 15/60
>system uses a .027uF cap with a sync RSG.  I would be more concerned
>with the small number of primary turns you have, as this will increase
>gap losses.  Also, such a small primary will have a very low coupling
>factor, and that will also translate into poor output.

Just like it sounds, yellow sparks off one of the tank cap contacts when
tuned really low on the primary. Could be because of the large washers on

>I'm not sure what you mean by "yellow sparks off the top of the tank
>cap".  Your tank cap shouldn't have any sparks on it.
Resonace Research Inc. I have tried to get hold of them for more info, but
they don't answer the phone, and I couldn't find a web site.

>What's an "RRI" cap?  Are you sure that your cap is OK?  Your power
>supplies seem more than ample to jump the gap.
Odd thing is, the safety ISN'T firing unless I open the main gap too
wide...which isn't consistant with they way tuning a coil has worked for me
in the past.

>Also didn't understand how the larger NST needs a smaller safety gap
>setting.  True, the lower 12kV should have a somewhat smaller safety gap
>setting, but it shouldn't be firing at all.

I want to hook up the 12kv/120ma and the 15kv/60 in paralell. I understand
from what I have read that the voltages should be close enough to be ok, and
that all I have to do is check for the phasing. Is this true? Any other
equipment required to do it safely/properly?


Jonathan Peakall
>>Howdy All,
>>I made a vacuum gap like I saw on Gary Lau and Greg's (hotstreamer)
>>Wow! Easy to make (less than 3 hr.) and works great. Much better
>>Only trouble is, I was having so much fun, I blew a tank cap.
>>Enter my problem. I have a .025 (actually tests to .023) RRI cap. In
>>of the fact it is too big for my 15kv/60ma, I hooked it up, and trying
>>primary tap points and gap settings. I got a little, with it tuned to
>>primary turns, but that was it. I wasn't really surprised, as that
>>shouldn't really run it anyway, but it didn't act like a too big tank
>>has for me in the past (erratic SG behavior). It was firing fine over a
>>range of SG adjustments, just no secondary output. When I tune the
>>really low, I get some yellow sparks off the top of the tank cap.
>>So I pulled out my 12kv/120ma that I have for my new system I am
>building. >I
>>was a little concerned, as my coil is small, and I thought I'd have to
>>at low power, as the .025 is close to a res cap for this tranny.
>Anyway, to
>>make a long story short, same deal. I tried gaps from .25 to .05. Nada.
>>gives? It fires the gap great. One thing I did notice is that
>>needed a SMALLER setting on the safety gap. Is this sucker just weak?
>>does seem to have more ooomph once it jumps the gap, but won't jump as
>>In spite of the lesser voltage, I expected it to jump further than the
>>I'm gonna go take a look at info to hook my two NSTs together tonight
>>try it out. I have friends visiting this weekend that wanna see my
>>Thanks All,
>>Jonathan Peakall