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Re: Protecting NST's, was Secondary

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> If you are burning out NST's make sure you have a relief spark gap, and use
>  some kind of protection filter.
>  Static spark gaps tend to be easier on NST's, according to a what I have
>  read, something to do with better synchronization.
>  My 5cents worth.
>  Brian W.

Brian, all,

Static gaps are easier on NSTs than non-sync rotaries because
the static gaps limit the firing voltage.  The firing rate is usually
rather chaotic with static gaps.  Sync rotaries can be used to
advantage with NSTs, but the overall design is critical for best
results.  Most NSTs are destroyed because the safety gaps are
set too wide.  The use of a matched or resonant value capacitor
can also contribute to NST failure, if the gaps are made too wide,
or if a rotary is used with such a cap value.

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John Freau