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RE: transformers

Original poster: "Loudner, Godfrey by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <gloudner-at-SINTE.EDU>

Hi paul

I forgot to comment on current. Once you have ballast the transformer to a
good working level, start an arc and measure the current draw from the
service mains. Multiply the primary voltage with the current from the
service mains, and then divide this by the seconday voltage. This will give
the secondary current in ampere. Then multiply this by 1000 to get the
seconday current in milliampere (MA). The KVA of this transformer is
whatever you want, as long as the transformer can run cool for an extended
period of time.

Gofrey Loudner

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> it appears that i have one of these neon bombarder transformers.  it is
> the 
> open frame construction that you described and has old fabric covered 
> windings and a wooden open frame.  the laminations are interleaved at the 
> corners and form a square unit.  definitely not current limited, it drew
> 90 
> amps -at- 120v on the first hookup until i conected a large 50 variac.
>   anybody have any experience with these monsters with coil use?  the size
> is 
> approx 14" x 14" x 8" and VERY heavy.  how can i test it to determine
> output 
> voltage / current?
> thanks
> paul healey
> riverside ca.