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Re: magnet wire

Original poster: "raven0075 by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <raven0075-at-home-dot-com>

At one of my local  electric motor repair shops they charge me around 4.50 a
pound, they go by weight not AWG.
I would not pay more than $5.00 a pound.
Before you go with 24 awg read all the info on secondary building,
I found secondary charts and wire recommendations on the site below

How-to's, programs, and other construction info, under this header select

This is the site I used to construct my secondarys and they have performed
I used 24awg on my 4.5"D x 22"H and 22awg with my 8.5"  X  24" secondary
You can see how my 8.5 turned out at

Differences between AWG, from what I have seen, 24 to 28 awg small coils, 22
awg medium coils, and 16-19awg pole pigs.

Brian W.

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> How much should magnet wire cost. Like a 10lb. spool of 24gauge? Is there
> difference between gauge and AWG sizes?