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Re: TC on TV

Original poster: "davep by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <davep-at-quik-dot-com>

Tesla list wrote:
> Original poster: "Bob Wroblewski by way of Terry Fritz
<twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <bwroblewski-at-yahoo-dot-com>
> Hi Y'all
>   Last Sunday night while I was watching the X-Files,
> my wife was watching The Division, an all female
> police drama on the Lifetime Channel (television for
> women... go figure), see www.lifetimetv-dot-com for more
> info.
>   Anyway she called me across the house because the
> police asked the daughter of a deceased father to
> identify a device (a Tesla Coil) during an interview.
> The daughter responded and reminisced that her father
> built them. As far as I know it didn't contribute to
> his demise!!
>   It was a brief spot only and I just about missed it
> all so don't get too excited, but according to my
> wife, they rebroadcast the Sunday night episode on the
> following Friday night at 11pm(EDT), at least on my
> cable network.
>   The moral of the story is to spend more time with
> your wife?? Heh heh ;-)

	Any one catch CNN Science & Technology week (i think it was)
	Saturday?  Someone built a demo 'electronic terrorism device'
	for 'investigators':
		from readily available pieces on the internet
		It can jam computers
		It can jam pacemakers
		It can jam radio
		Something must be DONE to prevent this!!!


	(Device was not named.  But it sparked a bit....)