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Re: Multiwound coil possibilities for Earth Resonance

Original poster: "harvey norris by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <harvich-at-yahoo-dot-com>

> Original poster: "Metlicka Marc by way of Terry
> Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <mystuffs-at-orwell-dot-net>
> Ed P., Bill W., Harvey N., All
> question for you and\or all
> could you tell what would the impedance of the earth
> be? if this 400uf
> is correct then could we find the impedance by
> taking the suggested 400
> micro farads and using a resonance of 12hz (as
> harvey suggested)? or
> 31hz.
> what impedance would be needed for say: 42.8khz?
> is there any other way to accurately find the
> capacitance of the earth,
> mechanically or physically?
> would the capacitance value change at different
> heights above sea level,
> 1000' above SL, 2000' above SL.
according to definition a sphere of .9 cm radius will
equal 1 micro-micro or picofarad.
What becomes problematic in these definitions
is that there is NOT a linear relationship between
amount of surface area and amount of polar capacity
that the surface area will create. 2 pf as an isolated
or polar capacity will not have twice the surface area
of the 1 pf polar capacity anymore than a sphere of 2
cm radius will have twice the surface area of a sphere
of 1 cm radius, rather the relationship is
exponential, twice the polar capacitance will use 4
times the area ect.
"A sphere having a radius
of 1 centimeter, hung up in space at an infinite
distance from any other conductor;has unit
electrostatic capacity;so the capacity of spheres in
electrostatic units can be given directly from their
radii in centimeters. Consequently, a sphere having a
radius of 9 times 10 to the 11th power cm has a
capacity of one farad, and a sphere of 900,000 cm.
radius equals one microfarad; hence some authors write
1 microfarad as 900,000 cm of capacity. This usage of
the term capacity is used in that terminology in
Tesla's day  is as evidenced in the Colorado Spring
Also, "The henry has also been called the quad, or
quadrant because in the metric system a quadrant of
the earthfrom the equator to the pole equals
approximately 10^9 centimeters. Both terms mentioned
above are now quite obsolete

Earths~ radius = 6366 km = 6,366,000 m = 636,660,000
The ratio of 636,600/900= 703 times higher than a
polar capcity of 1 uf, hence the earth if acting as a
polished sphere would have ~ 703 uf capacity by polar
capacity formula

The dual plated concentric spherical capacitor formula
is given by 
C= 4(Pi)Epsilon(0) *ab/(b-a) where b is the inner
radius and a the outer and epsilon(0) is the
permittivity of free space= 8.85 *10^(-12) C^2/N^2m^2,

Since we have two different kinds of capacities I
decided to compare the formulas for a for using a 50
pf inner sphere as an inner plate in the above formula
and a 1 uf outer sphere of 9000 meters and the
resultant answer still came to ~50 pf capacity between
the plates using the second formula. Thus for wide
separation of plates the polar capacity of the inner
spherical plate can be estimated as the acting
capacity. In the case of the earth and the ionosphere
this implies a relatively close set of spherical
plates so I guess the 703uf figure might be increased.

We also might deduce that we only tap into only a
small amount of the capacity by a grounding rod. In
the case here the large (57-60 Henry)coils use ~.125
for 60 hz resonance. If this frequency were reduced to
12 hz, a five times lower frequency, the value of
needed capacity to resonate would go up 25 fold to
3.125 uf. So if the blinking of grounded neons to the
60 hz resonant coils has any correlation to the earth
resonant frequency, the earth might be acting as a one
ended capacity of ~ 3uf instead of the postulated 400
uf as a practical real capacity. The blinking however
might simply have something to do with grounding
circumventing the voltage rise that enables the bulb
to light in the first place...

Since the electrical grid itself is grounded at center
tap, supplying the resonance from a one ended grounded
supply, and grounding the bulb between the voltage
rise and the ground itself may only be circumventing
the voltage rise, where it takes the charge time of
voltage builup to accomplish the neon discharge,
causing the blinking phenomenon to a grounded bulb.

> building on the statements that bill wysock gives
> about tests that have
> been done, i would think that in order to do any
> testing on our own, we
> would need to know this information (C of the planet
> and L of the
> planet) so if anyone has a lead or some info to
> build on Ed's 400uf, it
> would be nice to start a database.
> > 
> > > In fact the ethos of teslas earth propagation
> scheme
> > > seems to be predicated on surface areas in high
> > > frequency vibration, not low frequency
> propagation. We
> > > might consider higher harmonics to be a
> possibility
> > > however. But here is where the possibilities of
> > > adhering to the original idea of using that
> source
> > > resonant earth frequency as a possibility should
> not
> > > be entirely dismissed.
> > 
> >         If you assume that Tesla's statement of
> producing 100,000,000 volts
> > between the ionosphere and ground, you come up
> with some interesting
> > results.  At a frequency of 10 Hz the reactance of
> a 400 mfd capacitor
> > is of the order of 40 ohms 
If indeed we had both electrical connections to the
imagined surface areas of a spherical capacitor of
this size, the capacity would be much greater by
relative distance of electrodes being small compared
to the total radius. Even the massive surface areas
alone allowing a conduction at those polar capacity
levels would still only show a reactance of 40 ohms,
but again the earth is not mettalic.

and the reactive energy
> required to charge it
> > to 100,000,000 volts is of the order of
> 250,000,000 Megawatts!  (If I
> > haven't slipped a decimal somewhere.  Working on
> an answer to Bill
> > Wysock's last post and started these
> calculations.)  250 million
> > megawatts is a lot of power.  That power is
> required just to create the
> > desired voltage difference, before anyone starts
> to draw power at a
> > remote site.  If only 1% of it is lost to corona
> and resistive losses in
> > the coil, earth, and ionosphere circuit that still
> represents a power of
> > 2.5 million megawatts just to make up the losses
> before anyone starts to
> > draw power.  I wonder if anyone has any idea of
> where the good Dr.Tesla
> > intended to get it?
> > 
> >         More later.  Arithmetic checks invited.
> > 
> > Ed
Looks about right. I think that the only necessary
demonstration needed here is a single wire delivery to
earth, where it can be demonstrated that a load in
that delivery will have more amperage  than the line
that delivers it. I do not think the capacity of the
earth itself comes into that equation. I think (an
elevated, referencing a different ambient ground
potential)electrical supply itself may need to be
ungrounded, and then a load placed on an current path
to earth which is normally the ground path back to the
source emf, but remains unconnected seems like the
best possibility for me to try in this regard.

The source of my emf, as I have mentioned is the
ungrounded 3 phase AC 476 hz alternator that powering
stages of LC resonant voltage rise to produce three 20
inch neon discharges as a DELTA load. If these were
instead placed in WYE, a return wire path to ground
could be made at the WYE midpoint. Even though the
provision for obtaining the 4th return wire from the
alternator stator was never made, we can assume that
the "acting 3 uf" of the ground can supply the needed
free electrons to oscillate with: which in turn will
only operate if one of the phases producing neon
disharge is reduced from its resonance, creating an
unbalanced wye condition. Since it is known that lack
of a return wire can limit 3 phased common line tied
tank resonances from becoming fully resonant, it would
seem that such a connection can reduce the total
impedance of the circuits involved. This may be as
simple as placing the bulbs in wye and grounding them
at wye midpoint to see the effect. Because each of the
three phases can use this 4th wire Wye in unbalanced
delivery it seems also feasible to place another
resonant LC circuit that resonates at 3 times the
frequency of the inputing phases. This would consist
of dual opposing LC series values where the completion
of the bulb as the completion circuit to ground
through the real resistances would make it an
effective tank connection to ground. A lot of unknown
and too far off list relevance here;

Binary Resonant System  http://members3.boardhost-dot-com/teslafy/

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