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Re: Maxwell Pulse Capacitors

Original poster: "Steve White by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <slwhite-at-zeus.ia-dot-net>

Look harder on that site. The part numbers are there. One type that I think
that you want to avoid are the ones with a 100,000 discharge cycle lifetime.
The ones with a 100,000,000 discharge cycle time are the ones that you want.
You can see from the pictures on the General Atomics site the diiferences in
construction. A lot of the ones that I see on E-Bay are of the 100,000
discharge cycle type. I woudn't use them unless I got one very cheap because
they are probably not going to last very long. At 240 discharges per second
for a 240 BPS rotary gap, you can see that 100,000 pulse discharges are not
going to take long to reach (about 500 seconds). I personally would avoid
caps take from laser power supplies because lasers can fire 10s of times per
second or even faster. You don't know how much of the capacitor's life has
been used up. More preferable to me are used caps taken from X-ray machines.
How many X-rays can be taken in a day. 100? Even if the X-ray machine were
used for 10 years, there would still be a lot of life left in the cap. This
is assuming that the seller is telling the truth about where the cap came
from. Maybe after reading this, all used caps will have suddenly come from
X-ray machines!

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Subject: Maxwell Pulse Capacitors

> Original poster: "Yurtle Turtle by way of Terry Fritz
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> Does anyone know where information can be found on
> which Maxwell capacitors are suitable for tesla coil
> applications? I searched www.ga-dot-com, but couldn't find
> an explicit list of model numbers and dielectrics
> used.
> Are there any rules of thumb, such as caps from lasers
> are or aren't suitable for AC RF application? Or the
> single ended plastic case caps are better or worse
> than the PD series caps.
> thanks
> Adam
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