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Re: Multiwound coil possibilities for Earth Resonance

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Tesla list wrote:
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> > Hello Bert, and all.
> >
> > I respect your question you asked below.  I submit
> > that the key
> > to this "riddle" is impedance matching.  Both the
> > transmit and
> > receive sites must be impedance matched for the
> > conditions under
> > which they are operated.  Consider the surface area
> > of the Earth,
> > and that of the Ionosphere.  Tesla's (earlier)
> > patents describe a
> > return circuit using the Ionosphere, and pumping
> > electrical current
> > (into) the "ground".  The problem is, how to get a
> > good connection
> > to the Ionosphere, and the ground.  While all of us
> > agree that the
> > surface (even below "ground level") may be
> > considered to be a very
> > "lossy" medium, non-the-less, if you consider the
> > surface area of
> > the "globe" we all live on, and if you were to
> > design an oscillator
> > that would have the required values of "L" and "C",
> > to resonate
> > this Earth-Ionosphere capacitor, you would first
> > have to match
> > the native impedance of this circuit, in order to
> > have any energy
> > transfer at all, from the "transmitter" to the
> > "receiver".
> Can you describe this "native impedance"?
> If we assume a resonant ciruit of 12 hz to be a earth
> resonant circuit would this be the same thing as
> matching the impedance by assembling those appropriate
> L and C quantities to resonate?
> What that conclusion in itself shows by mathematics
> that these are improbable L and C quantities to begin
> with. Suppose for example a fiber size drum of 14
> gauge wire -at- 20 mh were this earth antennna. what
> would the capacity to resonate at 12 hz be? About an
> astounding 8800 uf! So such as resonant coil would
> more likely be a huge inductance so that a smaller
> capacity can be used for that resonance.

	The capacitance of an isolated sphere of the size of the earth is of
the order of 400 microfarads.  The capacitance between the two
concentric spheres represented by the earth and the ionosphere will be
somewhat greater.

> In fact the ethos of teslas earth propagation scheme
> seems to be predicated on surface areas in high
> frequency vibration, not low frequency propagation. We
> might consider higher harmonics to be a possibility
> however. But here is where the possibilities of
> adhering to the original idea of using that source
> resonant earth frequency as a possibility should not
> be entirely dismissed.

	If you assume that Tesla's statement of producing 100,000,000 volts
between the ionosphere and ground, you come up with some interesting
results.  At a frequency of 10 Hz the reactance of a 400 mfd capacitor
is of the order of 40 ohms and the reactive energy required to charge it
to 100,000,000 volts is of the order of 250,000,000 Megawatts!  (If I
haven't slipped a decimal somewhere.  Working on an answer to Bill
Wysock's last post and started these calculations.)  250 million
megawatts is a lot of power.  That power is required just to create the
desired voltage difference, before anyone starts to draw power at a
remote site.  If only 1% of it is lost to corona and resistive losses in
the coil, earth, and ionosphere circuit that still represents a power of
2.5 million megawatts just to make up the losses before anyone starts to
draw power.  I wonder if anyone has any idea of where the good Dr.Tesla
intended to get it?

	More later.  Arithmetic checks invited.