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Re: 13M (wasTesla's World Electrical System)

Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <wysock-at-ttr-dot-com>

Dear Michael, and all,

You bring up a very good point!  Nothing would please me more,
then to have the audience from this List, see 13M in action!  That
would be my most enjoyable reward!  Be assured, as soon as I
know of a time, date and place, where this can occur, I will send
a message to the List.  Thanks again.

Bill Wysock.

> Date:          Sat, 05 May 2001 16:59:32 -0600
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> Subject:       Re: 13M (wasTesla's World Electrical System)

> Original poster: "michael.tucknott by way of Terry Fritz
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> Hi Bill
> Great news on the purchase of 100% of the 13M Tesla coil.
> As you may remember we meet back in 98 when I came over
> to the US and visited with you and Jeff of kVA, If you intend to
> fire the M13 just let me know where and when and Ill book the flights
> in the morning. I think that I speak for the vast majority of list members
> when I say that we'd all travel any distance to see the M13 kickin.
> Cheers Michael Tucknott ( UK coiler)
> http://freespace.virgin-dot-net/michael.tucknott/tesla.htm
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