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Re: Conical secondaries

Original poster: "Steve Rosenthal by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <sdrosen-at-cwia-dot-com>

The experiment was conducted with the 10kW monopolar coil and a 15kJ capacitor
The base winding of the Tesla Coil was both grounded and directly connected to
terminal of the capacitor bank. A 1 meter length of small guage (slightly less
in diameter than
the secondary coil winding of the coil) was connected between the high voltage
of the capacitor
bank and the discharge electrode and functioned as a safety fuse.
A typical experiment would proceed with placing the elevated discharge
electrode in close proximity
(5 to 8 feet) to the output terminal of the Tesla Coil. The capacitor was then
charged to a maximum
voltage of 50kV at which point the Tesla Coil was energized. When the high
voltage streamer contacted the discharge electrode, the energy from the
capacitor bank was dumped into the streamer and returned to ground through the
seconday winding.
The observable results of such experimentation would be an extremely bright
flash accompanied by an
explosive sound. Photographic documentation revealed that the high current
discharge was very convoluted in shape.

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> > Here's a conical secondary coil. (and a copper ribbon primary)
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> > This particular coil was built by Dale Travous, and was used in many
> > interesting experiments, including ball lightning simulation.
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> Nice looking coil! Was he successful in generating any hints of ball
> lightning with it?
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