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Re: Tesla's World Electrical System 100years of proof!! Oops!! The wrong kind :-))

Original poster: "Terry Fritz" <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>

Hi Richard and All,

Patents are words on paper, not a working world electrical system :-))  Here is
another similar patent that never went anywhere :o))


I think we are really looking for something that really "works"!  If it is easy
to construct, well..., do it!!!  I hear a lot of talk and a lot of words on
paper but... "Over the past century, no one seems to have been able to do so
successfully".  That is not a light weight statement at all.  Just getting a
little thing going to show a thread of the true concept would be cool!  Light a
little lamp from a few miles...  A really "little" lamp, like a Radio Shack
"grain of wheat" bulb...  Bill's big 125KVA model 13 lighting a tiny bulb at
five miles would be a giant step forward...

A century of failure could be turned around in a minute if one person could
just get it to work!  Been waiting 100 years for that single magic minute... 
It does not take any EE training or revolution in physics theory to make it
work.  It simply takes the "fact" that it does work.  However, that single fact
does NOT exist...  After 100 years, I worry that the magic minute will never
come...  Maybe all the learned folks are right!!!  YIPPS!!  I have absolutely
no reason to doubt them yet.  "Their" view seems to have held up for 100 years
where the "other" view is still looking for that "minute number one" :-))  I
can think of many ways to demonstrate that it does not work at all...  There
are a number of people (EEs, physicist, normal folks, etc.) who have really
tried hard and have not had it work...  There is ELF radio but that takes
cooking half a state to get a radio signal out.  I am sure that is far from
what Tesla wanted.  Most papers on this get into pie in the sky confusion that
seems to me to only hide the simple fact that it does not work, never has,
never will...  Richard Hull got a city block with a radio...  Like -100dB
attenuation/block there...  A child's toy AM transmitter does better...

So all the "talk" aside, where is that working system that will turn us all
around and "prove" the concept.  I can imagine my coil being run off Malcolm's
house power from New Zealand and saying "Duh!!  They really were right!!" 
However, I can also be sitting there starring at my coil doing nothing and
saying "Hasn't worked in 100 years, and she sure as heck ain't working now
either" :-))

Sorry to be a stick in the mud EE type but there is a ton of theory and
evidence suggesting that Tesla's world power system will, would, did, NOT work
and that seems to be backed up by many experimental results.  Maybe J.P.
Morgan's decision to pull the plug on Wardenclyffe really was a darn good
decision !!  Saved a lot of wasted money...  Sorry, but "we" have to say "our"
side too :-)) 

Tesla did wonderful things and he put his full heart and soul into this world
power thing but...  "Over the past century, no one seems to have been able to
do so successfully"

I "hear" the "However, the "most learned" should be faulted for not keeping an
open mind and out of hand dismissing the work and ideas of others."  But, well,
you gotta see the truth too :-))  I have heard it all for decades and the world
power thing does not hold water.  I used to be a believer too, long ago, but
years of school and trying convinced me it don't work...  I wish it did because
it would be super cool!  But,...  It don't work...

An old but oddly fun subject :-))



At 05:47 PM 5/4/2001 -0400, you wrote: 
> 5/4/01
> Bill Wysock and list,
> Bill the problem you point out is that most people want to analyze Teslas
> longitudinal transmission systems in terms of orthodox transverse EM
> transmission theory.  This absolutely cannot be done.  The language and
> physics don't permit it.  This presents a huge barrier in their comprehension
> of what's really going on with Teslas longitudinal transmission.  Through no
> fault of their own, they have been educationally denied the existence of
> transverse EM wave theory.  However, the "most learned" should be faulted for
> not keeping an open mind and out of hand dismissing the work and ideas of
> others.  The history of physics is riddled with the corpses of these die hard
> nay longitudinal.
> For those who demand proof of longitudinal transmission perhaps the following
> link will interest you.  It is a US patent for a hyper-light-speed antenna
> utilizing longitudinal propagation in another spatial dimension.  Hint:
> Aether.  (gasp!)
> So, here is a modern example of Teslas longitudinal transmission/reception
> embodied in real hardware.  The concepts while a little foreign are not that
> complicated and the antennas should be relatively easy to construct.  So,
> time to get cracking.  Eh, Malcolm?
> <http://www.delphion-dot-com/details?&pn=US06025810__>http://www.delphion-dot-com/
> details?&pn=US06025810__
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>> Bill,
>> You are not alone.  I have quietly studied Tesla's writings, comments,
>> quoted remarks and speculated on what he really found.  I believe.  (not a
>> religion, but still takes some faith).  I think that Tesla knew what turmoil
>> his discoveries would cause then (and now!), so he purposely kept them
>> cryptic.  He also learned a valuable lesson on others taking his work and
>> claiming it for their own (with financial rewards).
>> When the discoveries are rediscovered, then Tesla will once again be
>> recognised.
>> Jim Williams
>> Retired FOF.
>> Subject: RE: Tesla's World Electrical System (was Field Mill Voltmeter
>> > I can only quote Dr. Tesla once again: "See the excitement
>> > coming!"  Translation:  I (personally) believe that Tesla had indeed
>> > solved the riddle of (almost lossless) electrical energy transmission
>> > (without wires).  I don't expect anyone to believe this on this
>> > list.  However, I have satisfied myself as to the practiclity
>> > (of this method and process), and hold out hope that one day soon,
>> > this method will be widely accepted, in today's paradigm view
>> > of how things work.
>> >
>> > Until all the experimental proof can be verified by indepentent
>> > sources, it will remain, as it has, for over 100 years, a subject
>> > for constant debate, argument, and disbelief.
>> >
>> > Respectfully,
>> > Bill Wysock.
> --- Richard Wayne Wall
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