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....on the nature of patents... ...and recognition...

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	(various snippages)
>of others.  The history
> of physics is riddled with the corpses of these die h 
> For those who demand proof of longitudinal transmission perhaps the following
> link will interest you.  It is a US patent for a hyper-light-speed antenna
> utilizing longitudinal propagation in another spatial dimension.  Hint:
> Aether.  (gasp!)

	Patents (with one exception) are issued on claim, rather than

> So, here is a modern example of Teslas longitudinal transmission/reception
> embodied in real hardware.  The concepts while a little foreign are not that
> complicated and the antennas should be relatively easy to construct.  So,
> to get cracking.  Eh, Malcolm?
> <http://www.delphion-dot-com/details?&pn=US06025810__>http://www.delphion-dot-com/d
> etails?&pn=US06025810__

	Has one been built?

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> > Bill,
> > You are not alone.  I have quietly studied Tesla's writings, comments,
> > quoted remarks and speculated on what he really found.  I believe.  (not a
> > religion, but still takes some faith).  I think that Tesla knew what
> > his discoveries would cause then (and now!), so he purposely kept them
> > cryptic.  He also learned a valuable lesson on others taking his work and
> > claiming it for their own (with financial rewards).
> >
> > When the discoveries are rediscovered, then Tesla will once again be
> > recognised.

	Tesla IS recognized.  Unit named after him,  (I don't recall
	that Edison does....) mentioned in the texts, coupla weeks back
	on DSC (? or History Channel) Tesla and Westinghouse were
	mentioned as fathers of the electrical age...