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Re: Micro coil earthing

Original poster: "Jason Petrou by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <jasonp-at-btinternet-dot-com>

Matt im 16 and built 2TCs a normal 360W one and a really tiny mini
microscopically small 6W one. got any pics of your one?

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> Original poster: "Matt Shayka by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>"
> Well, I don't know, The first coil i tried was wrapped around a paper
> tube(very primitive)but the output was not able to be felt. Same thing
> the coil that i described in one of the first replies. When it is not
> well and produces 2" sparks, you can easily touch it. It merely tingles,
> dad wants to know what effects it has on humans) and it gets a really
> sensation after a little while. Then it gets HOT. Oh well, some of us
> teenagers never learn, and so much for "Predictable" TC's...    P.S., is
> ther anyone out there who has some 22 awg wire?...
>                        -Matt S.
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> >Original poster: "Scott Fulks by way of Terry Fritz
> ><darkthing-at-earthlink-dot-net>
> >
> > > I'm not sure where the
> > > idea came from that high frequency isn't felt, my coil has pretty high
> > > frequency for a TC and the sparks can be felt quite well.
> >
> >(Obligatory Safety Message) It's a very bad idea to ever get yourself
> >a
> >position where you are able to feel a shock from any electrical
> >
> >Virtually all of the coils discussed on this list have both a high
> >frequency
> >component (the resonant frequency of the primary and secondary,
> >for the "resonant rise" effect), and a low frequency component (the BPS
> >the spark gap).  A standard 120 bangs-per-second coil has a very strong
> >Hz waveform envelope which feels just as nasty as the current from the
> >socket.  The fact that each low-frequency "bang" is composed of a bunch
> >high frequency oscillations doesn't matter much to your nerves.
> >
> >This low frequency stuff is very hard to filter out.  As far as I know,
> >only way to get a pure high frequency output from a coil is to drive it
> >from
> >a good tube or semiconductor RF source without a spark gap.  Even such a
> >high frequency output can give serious burns.
> >
> >Regards,
> >Scott Fulks (darkthing-at-earthlink-dot-net)
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