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Re: Maxwell Pulse Caps for Sale.

Original poster: "David by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <david-at-psychoman-dot-com>

but I just got 50 of them for 400 bucks. I gave 8 dollars each. I think your
asking too much!!! If I had got just 1 from the suppler it would of been 15.00
dollars. all working and tested... So lower your price... 


Tesla list wrote: 
> Original poster: "tesla by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>"
> <tesla-at-vortexia-dot-com> 
>     At risk of sounding like a broken record..... I managed to obtain more 
> of the Maxwell .03uF caps that I offered up on the list a quite a few months 
> back. I had sold off my personal stash to support my high voltage habit via 
> E-Bay and soon realized that I was out. I went back to my surpluser and he 
> had aquired more of the caps from the same source, I did however manage to 
> get a better price this time. 
>     As it was last time these caps are without their labels, but the model 
> and serial numbers are engraved on them from the factory (they were 
> submerged in oil on bus bars to prevent corona problems and the label 
> adhesive turned to jelly). 
>     Here's what they are: 
>     Maxwell Model 37667 
>     Voltage Rating: 35KV 
>     Rated Capacitance: .03uF 
>     Plastic case, one terminal on each side. 
>     I have 8 of these caps available (I'm being smart and keeping my stash 
> aside this time) for $98.00 each plus $7.00 each for shipping anywhere in 
> the continental US. Last time I had these availble they were for $110.00 and 
> I was sold out within 24 hours of offering them! 
>     First come first served... 
>     I low voltage check each cap with a Fluke 26III True RMS multimeter 
> before it leaves here to ensure that there are no dead shorts and that the 
> capacitance matches the factory rating of +/- 10%. Unfortunately the only 
> warranty that I can extend is the low voltage check, the caps were purchased 
> as surplus components and are sold as the same. I have not been notified of 
> any high voltage failures on any of the caps that I have sold through this 
> list. 
>     If you decide to purchase one or more of these caps please reply to me 
> at tesla-at-vortexia-dot-com and I will e-mail you a form letter that needs to be 
> printed and sent signed with payment stating that you are aware of the 
> dangers of high voltage capacitors and that I cannot be held liable for your 
> actions (legal disclaimer, this is why most cap manufacturers will not sell 
> to Tesla builders). 
>     This message is not intended as spam in any way, just trying to promote 
> the cause :-) 
>     Jason