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Re: Primary spacing, again

In a message dated 9/15/00 7:19:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time, tesla-at-pupman-dot-com 

> Original poster: "Jon Rosenstiel" <jonr-at-pacbell-dot-net> 
>  Hi all,
>  I'm in the process of constructing a 4" coil a la John Freau. I'm thinking
>  about using around 30 turns of 0.125 copper tubing for the pancake primary.
>  The power supply is a hot-rodded 15kV/ 30mA, (now 42mA), NST. What I'm
>  wondering is what turn to turn spacing should I use? At first I planned on
>  0.250", but it seems to me that with so many turns the turn to turn voltage
>  wouldn't be that great and I could probably get by with a smaller spacing.
>  But how much smaller I don't know.
>  Comments and suggestions welcome,
>  Jon


I suppose you could make the spacing 1/8th inch.  It's more an
issue of having space for the tap point, than a voltage issue I'd

JOhn Freau