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Re: Oh boy, I get to do 50 pound 5 gallon bucket caps

Keep your chin up. It's not as bad as all that.  A
single 12oz (355ml) beer bottle is good for 750-900pF.
A miller genuine draft bottle will yield 890pF if
covered with foil, and 910pF if immersed in brine. A
six pack is good for about 5nF. The MGD bottles are
remarkably consistent, and capacity variation is
negligible for hobby purposes.

Check out my "dry" (no bucket)46nF beer bottle cap and
the big, mean sparks I make with it at 4400VA AC
input. Scroll down to "New Stuff!" on my web page and
you'll find it.


--- Tesla list <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> wrote:
> Original poster: "Garry Freemyer" <Garry-at-NDFC-dot-com> 
> The last thing I wanted to do was to have to put
> caps in huge buckets and
> connect them to my coil but it appears that after
> weeks and weeks of failing
> caps, I have no choice but to go to bottle caps in
> huge 5 gallon buckets if
> that's what it takes. I cannot afford the ones on
> EBAY, I try to bid on
> tesla stuff there and I get outbid by a particular
> person there that seems
> to be rolling in the dough.
> I am going to use beer bottle caps in huge buckets,
> I hate it but I have no
> choice but does anyone know what the approximate
> capacitance of a beer
> bottle cap??
> I did manage to get two 20kv 500 mmfd transmitting
> doorknob caps but I was
> pretty dissapointed in the output and they got hot
> very fast. It was a test
> run anyway. I figured I needed about 6 more to make
> a decent safe string so
> maybe I will save them for a tubed coil.
> At least there is some good news. I managed to
> ressurrect my 9/30 NST by
> unpotting it. Instructions said to soak it for 3
> days, well since I was
> trying to desolve the block and save the case (I was
> successful), I soaked
> it for a month!!
> One big wad of tar was stuck to the bottom and when
> I pulled it out it
> streached and exposed about 20 hair thin wires on
> one of the secondary
> windings and exposed and streached about 4 wires on
> the other. I figured it
> was hosed but miracle of miracles, NO WIRES WERE
> So, I slipped a piece of 12mm poly under the
> streached windings and
> slathered it all with silicone seal and let it cure
> for three days.
> Then lastnight I connected some #29 wire to the thin
> wire and tested for
> continuity and slathered more globs of silicone seal
> to hold it and did a
> test run this morning It's A.L.I.V.E!!! I can't
> believe it!!
> What a nightmare unpotting is!!
> Hmm, after reading again about the party caps, I
> think I might try those.
> Any suggestions?

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