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RE: RF ground connection

Do you mean to say that you disconnected the base of the secondary, leaving
it just floating, and that made no difference?  Well I'll eat my hat!

Could the base connection have been close to and arcing unnoticed to the

Very interesting!

Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA

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		Hi Kurt,  We experimented with connecting and disconnecting
my dedicated
		rf ground while the coil was putting out 60" streamers while
I videotaped
		the effect on the spark length.  After studying the video, I
could see no
		discernable effect one way or the other.  The camera was set
on a bench
		10' away from the coil and the video was also not affected
as far as the
		ground being connected or not.  The picture was normal on
playback in the
		VCR.  I used an older 'expendable' Goldstar camcorder, one
of the big
		clunky old ones.  I did however note an increase in rf
interference on
		the 19" test tv that I leave on when I am running the coil,
there was a
		noticeable increase of rfi when the dedicated Tesla ground
		disconnected.  The use of a good ground however may save
your life.  Be
		careful with higher output coils, there is a lot of energy
there just
		looking for something to strike and destroy!   Al.