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Re: Delta Transformer

Tesla list wrote:

> Original poster: "Roderick Maxwell" <maxz-at-netdoor-dot-com>

> On T&R Transformers website they list some of their transformers in their
> inventory as having a delta designation for the voltage. Can anyone tell me
> what that means?

	Sort of.
	Not sure I can explain, and not (i think...) relevant to
	Tesla Coil work (tho intensely relevant to Tesla's polyphase system).

	Transformers on a three phase system can be connected 'star'
	(sometimes called 'wye') fashion, with one end of each of three
	'phase' coils' tied together (and usually, tied to ground), and
	the 'free' ends of each tied to a line wire.  OR.  The coils
	can be bridged 'line to line', forming a closed, triangular
	configuration ('delta').  Sometimes commercial systems are set
	up 'wye', sometimes 'delta'.  Sometimes wye at one end. delta
	at the other...

	Since (most) coiling is single phase (OK, there are exceptions)
	the wye/delta differences are of little interest.  The transformers
	in question, if used in three phase service, probably have different
	ratings/limits depending on whether used wye or delta.  (Its been
	'too long' since i had the course on this to go into it in detail...

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