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Re: RSG material?

> Travis,                                                             
> Two electrodes on rotor is correct.  I'm not sure what you mean     
> by series designs.  Do you mean using 2 gaps in the rotary as       
> in my designs at? :                                                 
>   http://hometown.aol-dot-com/futuret/page3.html                        
> Or something with a greater number of series gaps?  Or do you       
> mean external static gaps in series with the rotary?                
No, I mean a multi-gap RSG. I couldn't get to your page, I found your 
homepage, but the server said it couldn't find page3.html. I saw some 
pics on page2.html though. Something like that. I've seen arangements 
set up so that on each gap presentation the arc has to jump many gaps.
I've heard of up to 8. I was thinking 4 would be easy. Is there a     
benefit to this? I would assume there is a reason to go through the   
trouble to build them that way. I guess there would always be 2 gaps  
or some multipule. The two stationary electrodes with a small gap     
between the flying electrode. So to get 4 gaps just put another       
stationary electrode set 180 degrees away from the first. Connect the 
two outside points and the two inside points go to the TC tank. So the
arc must jump 4 gaps before getting out of the RSG. I saw a picture of
a gap like this someplace.                                            
I've also seen static gaps used in series with the RSG.. what's the   
point? ;) Seems like the motion of the flying electrode would quench  
the gap reasonably quickly. I get the feeling I'm missing a crucial   
detail here.....                                                      
Thanks! And if you have a different URL you want me to look at to     
verify what the heck I'm talking about, fire away. ;)