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RE: MMC! Help ME!

Oops..so my math is awful. Don't get me wrong Mark, I like the idea! Might
just test myself if I don't need the foil for roasting a turkey. Thanks for
the clarification.
I can understand the invention part too. After all, I came up with the
Totally Linear Static Gap that needs no external fan, is fully adjustable,
easy to spit polish and fits in a space 18 inches long (that's the negative
side of the design).

Safety First
Ted Rosenberg
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.01uf is 10nf, this works out to $10.00, i just put 28 cups together,
too add too the 20 i have already assembled. these 28 cups give me
2.87nf so it seems that it works out to 1cup = .01nf.
i am in no way trying to talk yuri out of an mmc, but the cup cap would
be cheap for now while he, or anyone, is awaiting caps.
J.B.WEAZEL McCREATH is now setting up his coil with cup caps, his first
fire looks promising, with some tuning he will have the designation of
the first person too use the "metlicka cup cap" in tc use !
my run doesn't count, i'm the inventor, just the way these things work?
i have just received my cap bridge from william noble and will be
testing these caps for dissipation and such. (as soon as i learn how too
use it?), anyone out there can give me help on this? thanks again
william !
i know everyone wants to lean toward the mmc's, and not trying to take
away from terry's fine work, but i think if i would have came up with
this sooner, i would not own any commercial caps, and have saved
thousands of dollars, might have some com. caps for sale in the future?
a small room full. polystyrene has good rf quality's and polyprop. cups
are out there as well as polyeth. i think all it would take is one
respected heavy hitter too build a cup cap and say yea or nay for more
to become believers? john f.? i have found that a "zerc" grease fitting
tapped into the top of a drain cleanout, makes a great, airtight,
pressure relief valve. the fact boils down to cost, for $100.00 a .1uf
cap rated for a minimum of 24kvac can be had, compared to commercial or
mmc's for a pig, i think cost wise it makes sense? of coarse they balked
at the car and the airplane also, and i think nicola would not have let
his pride get in the way of at least a trial before he based an opinion?
for those that wish to put there money's elsewhere, this is a good
alternative. if you don't need it you don't need it.