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Re: Some photos of a CW VTTC

In a message dated 9/14/00 11:19:12 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
tesla-at-pupman-dot-com writes:

>  2 833C's; 0-3000V Filtered DC (fulwave rectifier with 16 uF filter cap);
>  Single strand MMC (seven series 0.01 uF Panasonic caps, 30 second runs
>  with NO warming :-)); 12K resistance in grid leak bias; at 3000V pulls
>  over 2 KW.


Nice photos.  The sparks look the same as my filtered DC sparks
(no surprise there).
>  For perspective, the coil is four inches in diameter.
>  I have a couple questions, when using a push pull configuration, how
>  closely matched do the tubes have to be?

Nothing too critical needed, because you can adjust the drive and bias as
needed for each tube to balance them.
>  Second: I have been thinking about using a 304TL to amplify my audio
>  signal to my audio mod VTTC. Anyone have any clues as to the bias one
>  would use for this tube in single ended use? I have been trying to find
>  any info on the use of this tube as a final in a single ended amp, but to
>  no avail...

Hmmm.   I don't know much about using tubes for normal stuff like an
amplifier, I would guess maybe a bias of - 100 volts, or -50 maybe?
You'd want to center the bias around the linear operation area of the
tube I guess.  It would help to look at the curves, or adjust the bias for
best results by trial and error.

JOhn Freau

>  Thanks,
>  David Trimmell