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Re: Bulk Buy Commercial Toroids

If your name is on the list, you have agreed to participate in the bulk
buy of the commercially made 24" x 12" 6" toroid from O.W. Landergren.
a spec change from the softer 1100 series aluminum to the tougher 6061-0
aluminum has increased the price by $5.

We will be placing the Purchase Order tomorrow (Friday 9/15).

If your name is not on the list at that time, you will not be included.  
We are working with economies of scale here.  I _may_ order a few pieces
for stock, but do not rely on it.  If you want one (or more), please be
sure to get your order information to me.

To settle up payments, send a check payable to 
Pleiades Group, Inc.
to the address below 
provide credit card info to:
(800) 263-3309

I do not have exact shipping costs, we can settle that later.

I appreciate everyone's enthusiastic response that has made this bulk
buy possible.  I will report status as the job goes to press and keep
you informed of the expected delivery.


<< Jim >>

Travis Tabbal
Susan Gaeta
Colin Dancer
John Freau
Steve Date
Bob Thaden
Brad DiGiovine
Ross Overstreet
Roger Sunford
Kennan Herrick
Bob Wroble
Scott Hanson
Charles Brush
Chris Walton
Paul Kidwell
Adam Minchey
Jeffery Pederson
Donald Maxbauer
Aric Rothman
Michael Fabio
John Cooper