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Ohio Teslathon/directions

Ohio Teslathon is on for Saturday Sept 16th. Dont look
like rain. Mark S. Rzeszotarski, Ph.D.  has wrote to
say he will be attending. Marc Metlica and Jason
Wallace will also be bringing coils. Mark asked about
the grounding, the best I can do there is the water
meter,among some options. How about incorporating  a
huge piece of metal in the grounding circuit, I have a
1962 LaGrange Fire Truck stashed in the back yard, I
can run a 14 gauge wire to the water main from there,
and we can ground to the truck. Anyone wishing to run
their devices on 220 will have to run their own
connections from my 220 extension cord, which I will
be in charge of plugging that into the air
conditioning outlet. I do not have an on/off switch
for that installed yet. Here is a repeat of
instructions, arrival at any time after 4 pm or
whenever is fine, if before hand, hang around I will
be there on and off all day. Try to bring your own
table if possible as I have not yet rented any, and
this may be a problem. I will be doing VHS tapings of
everyone devices, and a quick scope check of everyones
secondaries to see what resonant frequency my
technique gives as an answer. Recent testing of this
with added capacity shows that it does not reveal the
frequency  on the BPS spike then, so only the
secondaries themselves can be tested. I will supply
the coilers with any jpegs they wish for their own
records, we can make them before finshing the event,
and I can send them via E mail. I dont have name tags
or some of the other formalities involved with these
kinds of events, and I will probably be busy setting
up a 3 phase alternator demo myself, so just make
yourself at home when you arrive, my brother is out of
town not due back till Saturday from some far fishing
trip, so we have the whole house to ourselves for the
event. Here are the repeated directions.

My location should be easy to find. It is
1396 Russell Dr. Streetsboro, Ohio. This is on exit 13
of the Ohio Turnpike. Go to the center of town where
14 (same as Interstate 480 that the turnpike 13 exits
to, Go SE on 14 for about 1 mile from turnpike exit)
where it crosses rt 43. Turn left to go north on 43
past the city buildings (fire dept,ect.) on the East
side of 
Rt 43. The first residential street to the
right(east)is Russell Dr. The residence is 3 buildings
down to the right,right past the Church of Christ.
(The back yard is fairly secluded for the event) You
will see a blue Ford Tractor and a golf cart in the
driveway, cant miss it! My telephone number is
330-626-5020 for any
other details or questions. HDN

Binary Resonant Systemhttp://www.insidetheweb-dot-com/mbs.cgi/mb124201

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