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Re: AWG 8 Wire

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Hey All,
There's a company in the UK (if anyone else on this list lives here)
called Maplin that does cable exactly like what you describe (and
better). They do a 4AWG (2.30 (about $3.50) per 1/2 metre) power
cable designed for use in cars as well as the 8AWG stuff you mention
(which is 2 per metre).
I myself got the 8AWG cable as i was on a budget but i'm yet to put
it to use in anything worth while as time is very limited at the
To give you an idea...apparantly there are 700 strands of .12mm wire
in the 8AWG stuff and 1050 strands of .16mm wire in the 4AWG cable.
Anyway, must dash...
Far too much work to do.

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> Ted, all
>     I've used that 8 AWG Monster cable stuff for my coil.(you know,
> the one that the Good Guy's tries to sell for like $1.50 a
> foot)...Of course on a budget, we can't all go blowing $1.50 a foot
> on small cable like 8 AWG.
>     When i wanted cable, i was able to go to the local car audio
> installation places. (go to the ones in best buy). They always make
> people buy that installation kit that comes w/ a precut 25', 30',
> etc piece of monster cable. Cars rarely need all that length of
> cable so the store always has scrap pieces lying around. Going in a
> few times, i was able to pick up a few pieces 3-5' long for free...
> -Alan
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> << Original poster: "Ted Rosenberg" <Ted.Rosenberg-at-radioshack-dot-com>
>  Hello everyone:
>  First, this is NOT a commercial although it may sound like one.
>  As many know, I routed the wire from one end of the spark gap to
> the first
>  turn of the primary too close to the bottom of the secondary. The
> insulation
>  on that wire melted and welding took place.
>  The repairs were made last night and I expect things will be fine.
> Needless
>  to say, the SG to primary wire will be routed differently.
>  I needed more #8 wire.
>  As a RadioShack Corp employee I noticed that the company now sells
> #8 cable.
>  On Page 215 of the 2001 catalog (my advance copy) we list
> automotive 8-guage
>  MegaCable. It comes in Red (Cat. No. 278-1351) and Black (Cat. No.
>  278-1352). The retail is 99 cents per foot.
>  Before everyone yells "That's too much money.." wait a minute.
>  I thought so too. I had purchased my other #8 from a local RV
> supply store
>  for 68 cents/foot. Thought it was fine.
>  However, this RS cable is incredible! It is slick vinyl covered
> and a good
>  thick vinyl too. the vinyl is printed with 1 foot measure marks
> for
>  convenience. But the neat thing is that for a #8 cable, it is
> almost as
>  flexible as a Slinky!. The strands are apparently sized, twisted,
> whatever,
>  to allow maximum flexibility. It's similar to the new flex-GTO
> wire from
>  France which is also good to work with.
>  So for the short runs that most of us use in the coils, this Mega
> Cable from
>  RadioShack is highly recommended by me...as a customer.
>  Ted AKA
>  Ted Rosenberg
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>  www.thegeekgroup-dot-org
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