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Re: Inert gas SG

Why not throw in a big chunk of dry ice? That would perform the job of
filling the box w/ CO2 & provide cooling. You'll need to cut some holes in
it obviously or else it will explode (quite violently in fact). If you cut
the holes in the top the CO2 would naturally push most of the other gases
out because it is pretty dense stuff and will sink (i.e. fill from the
bottom up). Also all the heat would rise out the holes in the top too. Don't
know about the Helium or Argon though, they tend to lengthen sparks &
probably wouldn't quench well. Not sure though, why not just try it. An
18"x24" sheet of 1/4 inch plexi is $8.75 -at- the home depot I go to.

Jason Johnson

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> Original poster: "Bert Pool" <bertpool-at-ticnet-dot-com>
> If your coil has any significant power at all, the entrapment of the heat
> will be a disaster.  Bill Wysock built a very expensive, very large rotary
> in a massive plexiglass box.  The heat actually distorted and bubbled the
> plexi, and he had to make an emergency "gap-ectomy" and cut openings in
> enclosure to allow the heat to escape.  Sealed sparkgap enclosures will
> require special design work to deal with the heat.
> Bert
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> Subject: Inert gas SG
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> >
> > Inert gas SG
> > I was thinking to avoid oxidation on SG one should be able to fill ones
> > with an inert gas such as He, Ar or CO2(will the co2 brake down -at- 15kv?)
> and
> > avoid the UV and x-rays produced in a vacuum. Unfortunately I can not
> > the breakdown (dielectric) voltage for any of these gases. Even in my
> Chem.
> > and Phy. Handbook.  Does any one know where I can find this info? My pan
> is
> > to build an air-tight Plexiglas box to go over my SG with some valves in
> it
> > to let in the gas. If it is strong enough I will first evacuate it with
> > vacuum pump. If that does not work I would just have to flush it out
> a
> > lot of gas which could get expensive fast!! I will also need to build
> > sort of manipulator to adjust the SG.
> > Comments please
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