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Re: Two layer primary

why not wind it as a multi layer coil with 2 turns on each layer..   Here is
a sideways view of the primary with turn numbers.

I'd seriously consider using an "off axis" inductor for fine tuning too.
since the scheme below is going to make tapping a bit of a challenge

10 9
8 7
5 6
4 3
1 2
center of coil
1 2
4 3
5 6
8 7
10 9
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Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2000 11:08 AM
Subject: Two layer primary

>I'm drawing a blank on how to begin this construction.  The two layers will
>be joined at the center, so the two terminals will be at the outside of
>spiral.  This means that the full primary potential (and much more if there
>are unused turns!) will be present across whatever gap separates the two
>spirals, so extra care must be taken to insulate against surface
>Obviously a Lexan plate must be built between the layers, and there can be
>no holes through this plate, as I suspect a flashover will find such holes.
>The no-holes rule complicates plans to mount the two spirals.  I don't like
>the idea of gluing - it's potentially messy, and mistakes and changes are
>made and glue is kind of permanent.  Short of using two back-to-back
>insulating disks with holes that are offset, I'm short of good ideas.