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RE: T-24 Hours Until New (Really Bright 10KVA) Light...

Hi Ryan , Mark,

I would suggest not putting a dryer element in an aquarium. A dryer element
is not designed to run under water and results could be not so happy. A
small fan blowing on the element will keep it cool enough. You are planning
to run the dryer element in series with the arc welder primary and the low
voltage winding of the pig, right? I have run a 1.5 ohm resister made from
cut down heater elements from a furnace in series with a welder and a pig
with no cooling at all. It barely got warm after some pretty hard runs. Now
I just use the welder and no resistance at all, however I would recommend
using some resistance when you are just starting out until you get a feel
for the ballasting. I sometimes add some more inductance to try to get into
the LTR area but that is another story.

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> >         My 10KVA pig has been sitting very patiently in the garage
> awaiting its
> > moment of glory.  We have almost finished wiring up the big
> extension cord
> > that is to be run from the big 240v dryer outlet.  Very convenient since
> > that is only about 10 feet from where the transformer will be.
> We have a
> > great arc welder to work with for ballasting, but I also went
> to the local
> > junkyard and ripped an element from a dryer.  With my DMM, it measures
> > about 8 ohms.  Does that sound right?  I hope so, because I
> like the idea
> > of my coil running at a cool 30 amps. :-)  Also, I imagine that that
> > element is bound to get VERY hot.  What do ya'll suggest to
> keep it cool?
> Place it in a full aquarium.  I'd think that a 20 gallon tank
> would provide
> enough
> cooling potential for a few runs.If it doesn't, you could try
> leaving the hose
> running on a trickle in the tank.  Of course, careful of wiring, and make
> sure to
> keep an adequate gap between the element and aquarium wall/bottom.
> Mark