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Re: Foam-core Toroids

J.C. Whitney has 150' rolls of aluminum tape for $12.95 and the ship
internationally, I don't know what the tariffs and duties would be , but $20
for 15' is outrageous! Their part number is 81DX4608Y,

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> There should be plenty of places specialising in styrofoam- most have
> computer controlled hotwire cutters, too.
> The last block of styrofoam I bought cost A$260 (~US$140) including the
> of cutting profiles. They had plenty of offcuts available for the usual
> carton fee.
> Offcuts can be easily glued together
> BTW any thoughts on a metal coating- other than expensive aluminium tape?
> ($20 for 15' in aus) I'm thinking of vacuum bagging some aluminium foil
> the foam- should iron out the wrinkles a bit.
> Chris
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> Hi all, Gary,