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Re: MMC Current capacity

Some ideas
I've tried to estimate Ipk in 2 ways
1) Solve  it = CV for pk to pk dV occuring in 1/2 a cycle
2) Solve 1/2Li^2 = 1/2 Cv^2
Would be interested to hear how others do the calc

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Subject: MMC Current capacity

> Original poster: "acmnovak" <acmnovak-at-msn-dot-com>
> How would one find out the current capability of an MMC?
> I think you said those Hosfelt caps were like 15 amps... and most MMCs
> only 5 amps. Does that sound right?
> My caps are 2000vdc (700vac) .068uF with a dv/dt of 4200v/uSec
> How much current can these handle?  By looking at lead thickness I'd say
only 5
> amps, but I don't know how much they'll take at TC frequencies, voltages,
> ect...
> Thanks,
> -Michael