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Toroid size

Are there experienced people here on the "List" who can advise as to the
appropriate size of a >smooth< toroid vs. the length of spark at

On the basis of my current experience, using a 4" c.s.d. x 20" o.d.
corrugated toroid, I find that that yields ~24" sparks with my present
set-up.  I'm ultimately anticipating trebling my primary current (as I've
mentioned before in prior postings), so as to up the secondary voltage
proportionally, and I need to get a feel for a) the improvement in
breakout capability that I might expect using a smooth vs a corrugated
toroid and b) whether, for an anticipated spark length of 4-5 feet, a 4"
c.s.d or a 6" c.s.d. would be more appropriate, atop a 12" dia secondary.

It would seem that, if too-big a c.s.d. is used, spark "breakout" might
not occur.  That would necessitate the use of an auxiliary electrode of
lesser radius for producing the spark--and thus the "dancing around" of
the spark, that has been mentioned and that we all favor, I am sure,
would be precluded.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Ken Herrick