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Re: MMC calculation question

I should think that some work with the classified telephone directory to
find an oil distributor will do.  Shell has Diala AX.  Unocal has UniVolt
"something".  Surely Castrol or BP or Phillips have equivalent products. 
You'll probably have to buy 5 gal, 20 liters, or so as a minimum purchase.

Depending on your situation, and others with appropriate local knowledge
will chime in here, you might be able to scrounge some from the local
electricity board, esp if you can find their transformer repair shop and go
to them "cup in hand", so to speak.

In the US, real transformer oil costs about the same, or less, than other
kinds of mineral oil, so unless you have some real inexpensive source, you
might as well use the real thing.

Another fall back is that mineral oil is used as a large animal laxative,
so the veterinary and animal husbandry supply places will likely have it.
However, at least here, the feed store charges more per gallon than the
cost of Diala AX. (although it IS a shorter drive to the feed store)

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> Subject: MMC calculation question
> Date: Sunday, September 10, 2000 4:52 PM
> Original poster: "Aleks Nowak" <Aleks-at-sn2.co.uk> 
> Hi,
> I'm about to build my first MMC cap, however, I'm unsure how to calculate
> the number of caps to use in series or parallel in it's consturction.
> Is there a generic formula that can be used??
> Also on another matter, can anyone in the UK recommend a good (cheap and
> easily available) transformer oil?
> Thanks in advance,
> Aleks Nowak
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