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Re: Oscilliscope recommendation

Tesla list wrote:

> Original poster: "Jon Rosenstiel" <jonr-at-pacbell-dot-net>
> Hello esteemed coilers,


> I am somewhat familiar with the operation of a scope, (I still have an old
> Heathkit that I use from time to time).  I have tried to use the Heathkit to
> scope my coil, but the results were not very good. It seems pretty hard to
> watch the scope while the sparks are flying!


I found this article online - from a few years ago:

In part it says"
>  2. 4' length of wire (whip antenna) connected to a Tektronix TDS 210
> digital storage scope at a range of 8' from system.  This was to look at
> the emitted RF/EM waveform packet from the system.
> Results of tests:
> 1. The static series gaps quenched too fast and allowed a measured break
> rate of ~1200 BPS!! "

Hope this if if interest to someone :)

twk  τΏτ¬