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RE: HV probe ???

A transformer either works or it doesn't (although sometimes just half of an
NST works). I wouldn't get hung up trying to measure output with a
voltmeter.  Just power it up and see if you get a nice juicy arc between the
output leads, and from each lead to the case.  

However, I suggest you shop around.  $35 is pretty steep for a used OBIT, I
think a reasonable guy would give you a part of his pile for free.

I you REALLY want to measure the transformer ratio, put 120VAC across the
two HV leads (bearing in mine that the case is tied to the midpoint and is
now "hot"), and measure the voltage on the LV leads.  The step-up ratio is
the inverse of the step-down ratio.

Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA

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		I planning on buying some Obit's from a local HVAC
contractor he is charging
		$35ea. used,he says that he has a big pile for me to go
through. some
		work,and some are weak he says and he will not let me return
them because of
		what I am using them for....Anyway,on to my question.
		How could I make a HV probe to allow me to  test to see if
they have the
		proper output? All I have for a meter is a analog VOM with
the largest scale
		being 1kV but I would like the probe to operate on the 10v
		Also is the transformers V rating under load or open

		Kevin D.