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Hosfelt snubber caps

Hi Terry, all,

I was just letting everyone know that I finally broke down and 
ordered 60 of those 0.1 uFD, 3000 VDC snubber caps from Hos-
felt today,that was discussed on this list a couple of months ago. 
I'm wanting to replace the current 0.018 uFD, 60 KVDC Chicago
Condenser single unit cap that I am currently using in my 15/
90 NST driven system as it seems very lossy and heats up in
a short order after the coil is turned on. I am also wanting to re-
do the primary and secondary coils for a more efficient design
(I guess I am pretty much rebuilding the whole coil). Anyway,
I have a few questions to place on the list regarding the use of
these caps as an MMC.
First, I was thinking of going w/ 4 strings of 15 (60 total) for a 
total value of 27nFD -at- 45 KVDC. This will be my 1st real at-
tempt -at- a MMC cap and I was wondering if 4 strings of these
would be enough to handle the current of a 15/90 NST bank?
Without going into the mathematical equations, I figure on ~
5 nF per 30 mA as resonant for NSTs. So, I am figuring 27 nF
should make for a LTR cap setup for the 15/90 NST? 

Also, I was hoping someone could suggest a good source for
1/2 or 1 watt, 10 meg bleeder resistors (preferably some local 
jobber like Radio Shack). Thanks in advance for your answers.

Safe coiling,
David R.