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Re: 1500-3000 turn coils


>Increased coupling can result in more energy being transferred to the
>secondary in less time, or at least in less oscillation cycles. This
>really may lead to smaller losses in the gap.
>When the coupling is high, there is a series of discrete optimum
>values for the coupling coefficient, that cause a maximum of voltage
>to appear at the secondary terminal with no energy at the primary.
>These "magical values", are, however, not directly related to the number
>of primary or secondary turns. The geometry of the coils is what
>determines it.
>Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz


how does one go about finding out these "magical" values? by geometry do you 
mean conical, flat wound or helical shape only? or does it also incorporate 
primary wire gauge and turn to turn spacing?

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